Fall Fashion Trends 2023

Did you know that you can really see fashion trends come alive by watching weather broadcasts and also soap operas? I hadn't watched the Y&R in a long time and I sat and watched an episode just to see what the girls were wearing. Just as I had expected... I saw the trends that will be available for Fall 2023. Blazers, vests, skirts and blouses were all prevalent on the show. Shiny fabrics like satin, and faux leather were evident as well. Check out the list of trends you can expect to see below. 

Fall 2023 Fashion Trends by Category: 

Colours: Expect bold and bright colours of magenta, Teal, Royal Blue, Purple and Emerald Green. If you like warmer colours, you will find Sage Green, Light Brown, and Beige, and Blue/Grey tones. 

Fabrics: Denim, faux suede, faux leather, velvet, satin, metallic shiny fabrics and bling! 

Pants: You will see more straight leg pants and jeans. 

Blazers: Any style of blazer will be a big trend! Short and fitted, long and oversized, business and casual! 

Blouses: These button up or pull on blouses are making a comeback in prints and solids. 

Skirts: They are making a comeback! Pencil style skirts at mid length plus longer styles of skirts with layers of fabric like chiffon. 

Dresses: Sweater knit dresses... plus any length goes from mini, midi to maxi. 

Vests: Long or short vests. Outer wear vests. Plus fabric vests to make an outfit dressy or casual. 

Bling: If you are cruising, or attending a Gala, or festive events, expect to see bling in the fabrics of dresses, and formal wear. 

At Simply Celebrate You, you will see a taste of these trends online. Our full lines of fall fashions are available in our boutique. Call or text, for your own shopping experience at 519-502-3926. 

Written by: Lee Anne Andriessen, Owner (Simply Celebrate You)