Keep calm and carry on with a necklace!

Keep calm and carry on...with a necklace! 

Did you know that wearing a necklace can also be a calming feature during times of stress or when you experience anxiety?  A long necklace can be a distraction for your hands and help you de-stress.  Necklaces can have textures with beading or leather, charms or smooth metals and these items can be used for sensory purposes to keep your hands busy. Necklaces can help you remain calm. 

Have fun picking out a necklace! Choose something that has interesting textures  and features like beading, leather, charms, bling, symbols, tassels, feathers, stones, or metal! Necklaces can be inexpensive. If you have a lot of old ones that don't bring life to an outfit, then move on and give them away or re-purpose them, Move on to pieces that you love to wear and that inspire you. 

Here at Simply Celebrate You, there is so much to choose from in our jewellery collection. Most of our necklaces are $28 plus tax. It is a good idea to wear a necklace for a season to really enjoy it, then move to a few more favourites the next season to change it up.  Our website has a few pieces, but more choices are available in our boutique at Simply Celebrate You. 

 Written by: Lee Anne Andriessen, Owner (Simply Celebrate You)