Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

Welcome to Spring-Summer 2024! 

This season's styles and trends are fun and fresh. 


  • bright and bold colours are on trend vs. light pastels
  • fuschia, orange, green, turquoise, bright pink, white and black
  • prints will be reminiscent of the 1970's with abstract swirls and brush strokes combining bold colours  


  • polyester/spandex/rayon blends
  • NEW linen fabrics are making a come back, they are a softer quality and are better made
  • denim made from bamboo which is a renewable textile and helps the body to regulate its temperature (keeps you cool you when you are hot, OR warms you up when you are cold) 


  • v-neck t-shirts
  • short style capris
  • embellished jeans with bling or embroidery
  • regular and wider leg pants/capris vs. skinny leg pants
  • shorts
  • printed pants in different colours
  • jackets (jean jackets, coloured denim jackets, linen style jackets) 

Written by: Lee Anne Andriessen

Owner: Simply Celebrate You